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Thank you for visiting the web site for me and my company, The Quickening®.  We use The Sedona Method® to help people quickly and easily let go of unwanted emotions to feel better fast and be more effective in life. 

This site is a quick and easy resource for people who would like to:

  • Learn more about The Sedona Method (TSM) and how to get started
  • Dramatically increase the benefits they're getting from TSM
  • Learn more about coaching with a seasoned professional trained by Hale Dwoskin
  • Get unstuck in their practice of TSM and rapidly accelerate their progress
  • Find someone to make a lively presentation at their next meeting
  • Have business effectiveness and productivity coaching delivered to their staff, on-site
  • Review the qualifications of Chuck Goodwin, a Level II Coach, using TSM
  • Buy Sedona Training Associates (STA) product like courseware, CD sets, etc.


Do you do business consulting?

Yes.  I work person to person and business to business.  My company, The Quickening, LLC, delivers business-focused coaching, to management and staff, on-site or by phone.  I can make informational presentations to employee meetings and get people started quickly on the path to greater productivity and satisfaction.  Group discounts are available.  Go to the "How to Reach Me" page.

Can you speak at my next meeting?

Sure, if I'm available on that date and time.  Special offers are available.  Go the the "How to Reach Me" page.

What if I want personal coaching but I haven't learned TSM yet?

Get your own personal copy of the book, The Sedona Method, read it and preferably also get The Sedona Method Course (the home study audio course) and I'll be happy to assist you in getting the benefits you desere.  See the "Service Offerings" page for how to order these items.

How about if I use The Release Technique® (TRT)?

That's fine.  I'm bi-lingual, so to speak.  I have many happy clients who use TRT.  The actual act of releasing is the same.  The methods, techniques and verbiage vary to some degree.  What you've learned so far will serve you well as we move forward towards joy, gratitude and love.  

For additional information, please see our other pages, on the left, or go directly to the "How to Reach Me" page.